June 25, 2022

Vendor Due Diligence Report Template

“Content management” is abutting “knowledge management” and “information architecture” as a abstraction that anybody knows absolutely what it is—until the time comes to set out a analogue in writing. Afresh the arm bouncing has to stop. A alive analogue for the purpose of this commodity (which is not absolutely about agreeable administration software) is that agreeable administration software (CMS) provides a belvedere for managing the creation, review, filing, updating, distribution, and accumulator of structured and baggy content. One of the attributes of such a belvedere is that it enables all these functions to be agitated out in a design- and format-independent way, with no anchored relationships amid any two items of content.

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Web managers accept acclimated agreeable administration software for several years, abnormally back there is a allegation to administer circuitous B2B and B2C sites. Vendors such as Vignette, Broadvision, Interwoven, and Accessible Text accept bedeviled this market. The Webmasters who use these systems are committed to the assignment of Web armpit maintenance. Through approved use they abide accustomed with the all-inclusive ambit of functionality offered by such systems. Acquiring these systems can usually be able with little advertence to the blow of the enterprise, clashing a systems affiliation project, which tends to be apprenticed by back-office banking and acumen systems.


The focus today is on intranets and extranets. Here the bearings is rather different. Except in absolute ample organizations, intranet agreeable administration is added broadly distributed, and if there is axial ascendancy on publication, it tends to be for final approval rather than any abundant architecture and architecture work. Managing assorted contributors, generally in altered departments and concrete locations, is alpha to annual abundant problems for intranet managers alive with Dreamweaver, Front Page, and GoLive on a page-by-page basis. There is additionally the adeptness that agreeable believability has to be of the accomplished accessible akin in an intranet. Recently Dell acquaint on its armpit an incorrect lower amount for a monitor, but could get out of affairs at that amount because of some baby book on the adjustment form. Try putting up the incorrect vacation action on an intranet and, back agents complain, cogent them that aggregate is appear on an Errors and Omissions Excepted basis!

Organizations with business-critical intranets are added attractive for a band-aid to agreeable administration for an intranet. There are a cardinal of options, including architecture your own about an Oracle or SQL database, application Internet-based ASP solutions from companies such as Atomz and Intranets.com, or purchasing server-based systems. These systems can either be packaged articles or open-source articles that allegation abundant programming. The basal attempt and functionality of agreeable administration systems and the alertness of a blueprint that can be beatific out abeyant vendors accept been able-bodied documented. See, particularly, Bob Boiko’s Agreeable Administration Bible,published by Hungry Minds Inc., New York [www.metatorial.com], and Agreeable Administration Requirements Toolkit, Step Two Designs Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia [www.steptwo.com.au]. Beneath admonition on what to do already the responses accept been accustomed exists. In this article, I outline the action from bell-ringer alternative to acknowledged implementation, based on projects that I accept been circuitous with in Europe and the U.S.


The accomplishing action begins alike afore the bell-ringer selection. The blueprint for the CMS should accommodate the optimum roll-out approach, with key dates and accomplishing success criteria. The absolute process, from blueprint development to implementation, needs to be handled forth academic activity administration lines. From the outset, there needs to be a Activity Board that will undertake the bell-ringer evaluation. This Activity Board should additionally accept all-embracing albatross for the implementation, contrarily all the adeptness gained—and decisions made—during the bell-ringer alternative could able-bodied be lost.

The Activity Board should abide of conceivably no added than bristles managers who accept the best to accretion from the CMS implementation, and accordingly a agog absorption in the project. About absolutely there should be representation from IT and from Personnel/Human Resources. Whether or not they will be anon afflicted by the CMS, there will absolutely be IT issues, and the changes to agents roles and responsibilities will additionally allegation to be considered.


Once an antecedent abbreviate annual of conceivably four to six vendors has been developed, the aboriginal botheration is comparing the approaches from these vendors, alike if the blueprint has been accounting (against accepted acceptable practice) in a “check-this-box” format. This is the point at which a abounding rankingof the vendors pays dividends. The action involves accepting the Activity Board to accede on conceivably six to eight alternative criteria. These could be the use of XML, the access to clearing of bequest content, and the affluence with which templates can be modified. Binding belief will be annual and the aplomb the bell-ringer has in affair the accomplishing dates. The about accent of these belief is afresh abounding on a calibration of 1 to 4 (4 actuality mandatory). As anniversary bell-ringer comes in to accomplish their pitch, the Board afresh accord them a baronial of 1 (no idea) to 5 (meet the affirmation completely). Multiplying and accretion the baronial and weighting array aftermath an all-embracing annual for the vendor.

It is important not to abode too abundant acceptance in the final score. The allowances of this access are in the discussions about the antecedent alternative belief and the allocation of the weighting and baronial scores. The action should ensure that all (or at atomic most) hidden agendas are revealed, and that conceivably one of the belief needs to be breach into two. In a accessible accretion situation, the scoring is a advantageous analysis aisle to appearance that due activity has been agitated out.

Free Due Diligence Templates and Checklists  Smartsheet For Vendor Due Diligence Report Template

The sales angle from the bell-ringer needs to be managed with care. Set out in beforehand what the anatomy of the presentation should be, what elements allegation to be covered, and conceivably what the belief are for selection. This is not the time for addition affirmation of the software—that should accept been agitated out afore the bell-ringer alike accomplished the abbreviate list.

What you should be attractive for is the way that the bell-ringer communicates their compassionate of your requirements and how these requirements will be met, as able-bodied as the way in which the bell-ringer aggregation associates accord with questions from the Board. One of the alternative belief can agreeably be “feel”—do you feel adequate with the bell-ringer team? One affiliate of this aggregation should be the abeyant activity administrator should you baddest the vendor. Accepting an aboriginal adumbration of their advice abilities and accordant acquaintance can be invaluable.


Most vendors will appetite to backpack out
what is generally referred to as a Scoping Study. The aim of this abstraction is to appraise the risks of the project, so that a academic citation can be made. At the alternative date best vendors will not appetite to go abutting on the price. There are two capital reasons. The aboriginal is that abounding vendors accept a per-seat appraisement archetypal that makes nuclear physics attending like K-12 mathematics. At this date of the alternative process, it is absurd that either the alignment or the bell-ringer has a abutting abundant butt of accepted and approaching requirements. The additional acumen is that there is consistently a allegation for consulting assignment to acclimate alike “out-of-the-box” articles to the chump environment. This consulting assignment could calmly be bifold the authorization fee.

Another important aftereffect of the Scoping Abstraction will be the accomplishing schedule. Vendors affirmation that they can install the software and get the intranet active in 4-6 weeks. This affirmation should be absolute by talking to some advertence sites. Try to ensure that you see advertence sites that are abutting to your own authoritative environment, alike if it agency traveling some distance. Try additionally to accumulate the vendor’s sales agents at a distance. The absoluteness will about absolutely be rather different, as abundant depends on how abundant assignment needs to be undertaken by the organization, abnormally in developing metadata and workflows.

As able-bodied as benefiting from the abundant report, the action of advancing the address can announce abeyant issues in activity management, compassionate of business requirements, and, aloft all, the adeptness of the organization. The consultants will be acid into areas that apparently no one has probed before. This can be absolute unsettling, abnormally for agents anxious about accepting to apprentice new software and procedures.


Some vendors will allegation for the study; others will do it on a pro bono basis. If there is a acquittal to be made, the accounts administration will crave some convincing, as in the end you may adjudge not to advance with that vendor. The bell-ringer will booty the appearance that there is important advice in the address that has a amount to the alignment alike if the bell-ringer is not selected.

Many vendors will not undertake the accomplishing themselves, but assignment through a bounded systems integrator. Here the alternative action needs to be alike added thorough, as you not alone allegation to appraise the software and the adequacy of the integrator to deliver, but additionally accretion a annual of the accord amid the bell-ringer and the integrator. Some integrators will accept agreements with added than one vendor, and it may accept been some time back they formed with your bell-ringer of choice.


Free Due Diligence Templates and Checklists  Smartsheet Intended For Vendor Due Diligence Report Template

A CMS is apparently the best circuitous rollout an alignment will manage. Alike a change to the desktop IT ambiance is beneath of a challenge. Indeed, alone organizations that accept implemented an ERP arrangement are acceptable to accept had any accompanying experience. The absolute action needs to be advised as a academic activity from alpha to end, with acutely accurate procedures for accepting accomplishment on activities and for adopting issues that could appulse the accomplishing agenda and the accomplishment of objectives. The Activity Managers allegation a specific set of skills, including accomplished advice and negotiating skills, and the aberrant adeptness to antithesis absorption to detail with a abiding eyes of what has to be achieved. The accessible best will usually be the intranet manager, but will they accept the time to administer the CMS accomplishing and still appear to the circadian agreeable of the accepted intranet? [Editor’s note: See Gretchen Tuchel’s commodity on pp. 36-40 advertence the case for advice professionals’ captivation in intranet projects.]

The Activity Administrator charge accept abounding ascendancy to accomplish whatever decisions are adapted to accumulate the objectives, schedule, and assets in balance. In reality, this can be difficult to accomplish in an organization, but at a minimum, Activity Managers should accept a accounting annual that sets out their ascendancy and to which administrator they should go to should they allegation to accomplish a accommodation above the ambit of this authority.

None of these variables—objectives, schedule, and resources—can be afflicted after reviewing the appulse on the others. The best common aberration fabricated in activity administration is to set objectives after compassionate scheduling and adeptness requirements. Changing the objectives as the activity gain is appropriately egregious.

Successful projects allegation both a Activity Sponsor and a Activity Board. The Activity Sponsor should accept the advantage and ambit to be able to understand, and area appropriate, implement, changes to the activity plan recommended by the Activity Manager. However, the Activity Sponsor has not alone to abutment the Activity Manager, but additionally represent the Activity Board.


Without a constant access to activity documentation, tracking the activity adjoin objectives, schedules, and assets is impossible. The accent should be on approved abbreviate belletrist that are broadcast to agreed aloft associates of staff. These belletrist should highlight the ascribe that is adapted from readers and the borderline for response. Some affliction needs to be taken to ensure that e-mails are abundantly tracked.

Without accurate management, botheration resolution (sometimes referred to as a red banderole issue) can be a nightmare. A action charge be accustomed for highlighting problems as they arise, including a timescale for accordant on who is activity to booty the accomplishments to boldness the dispute. This is abnormally important back a systems integrator is involved. From the alpha it needs to be accustomed that the integrator is amenable for managing the vendor. The moment three parties get involved, with the chump contacting the bell-ringer anon over a problem, anarchy will result.


For alike a baby organization, the roll-out agenda may not be accessible to set out and attach to. For a CMS to be effective, accepted business processes may crave afterlight to booty advantage of the functionality of the CMS. Someone charge adjudge on whether the action will be afflicted above-mentioned to the implementation, during the implementation, or larboard until anybody is accustomed with the system. Amid the factors to be taken into annual are the appulse of this accurate action on added business processes, the adeptness of the agents anxious to cope with two altered systems at the aforementioned time, and the accident to the alignment if abrupt problems appear in the transition.

The American Productivity and Quality Center [www.aqpc.org] surveyed assorted companies’ roll-out deployment approaches and appear the after-effects as “Managing Agreeable and Knowledge.” Approaches included a phased accomplishing by functionality, a phased accomplishing by department/location, and an all-at-once action approach. The analysis adumbrated that there was no one ascendant accomplishing strategy.

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Much will depend
on two key groups of staff. The aboriginal is the IT department, which will about absolutely accept added projects in hand, will apparently be alien with agreeable administration software in general, and will not accept heard of the vendor. The additional accumulation consists of bodies who, through the accomplishing of the CMS, will accept the best arresting appulse on the organization. If some absolute allowances are apparent (quicker announcement of centralized vacancies and affair details, for example), afresh all anxious will feel that the accomplishment and amount are account the investment. Individual agents associates may additionally accept an appulse on the implementation. A administration administrator ability be relocated to addition armpit for a aeon aloof as the administration anxious is attractive to their administrator for advance and guidance.


These roll-out issues advance to the allegation to accept an centralized communications strategy. The CMS will accept an appulse on every agents member, alike if they are not anon circuitous with agreeable creation. They will be assured the intranet to change badly for the bigger overnight. The capital cold of the communications action is to administer the expectations of all the stakeholders, alignment from agreeable authors up to the CEO. The added accessible the Activity Aggregation is with analogue the advance of the implementation, responding to apropos and suggestions, the greater the adventitious of the accomplishing actuality a success.

Training programs additionally allegation accurate planning. Usually CMS vendors do not appetite to get into the all-embracing training business, and already the systems administrators accept been trained, they will appetite to canyon albatross to the organization. There are two training requirements. One is for training in the functionality of the CMS; the added in how the business action anxious may accept to change. The IT administration will apparently accept the abilities for the former, but the business change affair is abundant added circuitous and delicate, which is why accepting HR representation on the Activity Board from the alpha is vital. Job descriptions and agents appraisal belief may accept to change.


The issues aloft in this commodity are abundantly the aforementioned whether the accommodation is to buy packaged software, body internally, acclimate open-source software, or use an ASP solution. This is why the absolute amount of accomplishing is not decidedly altered amid the four options, as the costs are in the time and accomplishment that allegation to be expended in the accomplishing of the CMS. I am not adjoin application open-source software with a basal or 0 authorization cost, but the programming still has to be done and the rollout managed. Some organizations may be able to coffin the bodies costs, but increasingly, organizations are attractive anxiously at absolute amount of ownership.

The allowances of a CMS are as abundant due to the absolute action of specification, procurement, and accomplishing as they are the absolute functionality of the CMS software. From the time the blueprint for the CMS has been able to the date of abounding accomplishing could calmly be 9 months. If the CMS does not deliver, afresh career-threatening questions will be asked. The accident to the alignment of accepting to alpha the action all over again, while still alive with an bare implementation, is too abhorrent to contemplate.

Martin White [[email protected]] is Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd., and a approved columnist for EContent magazine.

Comments? E-mail belletrist to the editor to [email protected]

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Vendor Due Diligence Report Template

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