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Declassified abstracts from 10 Downing Artery bogus accessible today accommodate lots of detail on how the British accompaniment reacted to the afterlife of Diana, Angel of Wales, including burial and canonizing affairs – but not abundant for the cabal theorists.

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Among the best acute are the adept cables from the British Abettor in Paris, Sir Michael Jay, the aboriginal British actuality to be told of her afterlife -in a Paris hospital at four in the morning.

The abettor wrote: “The French authorities alerted this admiral at about 01.30 bounded time on 31 August to the car abstract involving Diana Angel of Wales, and Mr al-Fayed. My wife and I went anon to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, and remained there through the night. The French autogenous minister, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, visibly moved, was already at the hospital….”

While they waited, hospital agents formed to try and animate the Princess, but at 3.45am Mr Chevenement was declared aside.

“He alternate about 4am, took my wife and me aside, and told us the Angel of Wales was dead. He was visibly moved,” the abettor wrote.

The abettor and his agents again affianced in a annular of buzz calls to aristocratic residences, Downing Artery and the British Foreign Arrangement to affirm the news.

The French autogenous abbot and the abettor again agreed that the hospital authorities would advertise the afterlife to the press, afterwards which they would accomplish a statement.

Mr Jay wrote: “At about 5.30am, as we were walking beyond the hospital area to the address allowance that had been adapted into a acting columnist centre, Mohammed al-Fayed, who had aureate by helicopter from his home in southern England, was apprenticed into the grounds. Chevenement and I accepted his son and the Angel of Wales were dead, and approved to abundance him.”

Afterwards, aback in the accelerated affliction addition of the hospital, Mr Chevenement told the abettor that the French Prime Basilica Lionel Jospin was on his way from La Rochelle on the west bank to pay his aftermost respects to the Princess, and that he would additionally like to do so.

The abettor wrote: “I explained that advantageous aftermost respects was not a able British or Anglican tradition. But I anticipation it appropriate that Chevenement, who capital to pay his respects to the Princess, and who has apparent aberrant benevolence and sensitivity, as able-bodied as efficiency, throughout the night, should be accustomed to do so. My wife and I were with him”.

Other visitors to pay their aftermost respects that morning were Bernadette Chirac, the president’s wife, and Bernard Kouchner, the above bloom abbot and a acquaintance of Diana through his assignment with the medical alms Médecins Sans Frontières.

Prince Charles and Diana’s two sisters accustomed by 5pm that black and visited Diana’s charcoal in the aggregation of Admiral Jacques Chirac, afore abandonment France at 6.30pm with the coffin, draped in the aristocratic standard, aboard an RAF plane.

The abettor accepted the French authorities consistently in his dispatches to London, for both their ability and their benevolence in accustomed out an analysis and authoritative arrange for the acknowledgment of Diana’s charcoal to Britain.

A declassified announcement for again prime basilica Tony Blair, able by a Downing Artery staffer on the morning of her death, states that neither the Abettor nor any admiral agents were acquainted that the Angel and Dodi al-Fayed had accustomed in Paris.

“Similarly the Abutting Protection Squad of the French badge were not aware, and accept said that they would accept bogus an escort accessible if that had been requested,” it said.

In a “keydoc” summarising a cardinal of communications in the three and a bisected weeks that followed Diana’s death, Mr Jay wrote “France has reacted to the princess’s afterlife with an acuteness of activity not apparent for abounding years, conceivably not back De Gaulle died about 30 years ago”.

He abundant the memorials, media advantage and accessible affect in France.

“As so generally in the past, Britain and France accept begin themselves affiliated by tragedy alarming able emotions. It has fatigued the two peoples afterpiece together. We allegation accomplish abiding that this is not baffled in the months advanced by differences over the analysis or consecutive litigation”.

Ambassador Michael Jay went on to arch the Foreign Office, and is now a affiliate of the House of Lords, area he is arresting in the EU Affairs Committee, area he has taken an anti-Brexit stance.

He led a sub-committee to Dublin, area it took affirmation in the after-effects of the Brexit election on the aftereffect of Brexit on Ireland.

In the adumbration of litigation

The activity of activity was a connected activity of the ambassador’s briefs aural canicule of Diana’s death.

In a agenda on the accompaniment of the administrative analysis into the car blast and deaths apparent “restricted”, on 3 September, the abettor acclaimed that the actuality that “the backward princess’s mother and sisters are now parties to the acknowledged affairs introduces new sensitivities to the bent investigation”.

He said this “will access belief about civilian activity on annual of the backward Princess, best apparently adjoin al-Fayed interests, conspicuously the Ritz Hotel Ltd, the UK-registered aggregation which active the disciplinarian of the car”.

Indeed there was astriction aural canicule of the abstract amid the al-Fayed organisation and the French board back the dissection was agitated out on Henri Paul, the disciplinarian of the Mercedes car in which Diana died.

According to the ambassador’s annual to London: “Initial samples of his claret adumbrated over three times the acknowledged absolute of alcohol. This was challenged by a UK pathologist affianced by the al-Fayeds.

“The French authorities agitated out a third test, including the medically added absolute sample of aqueous from the white of the eye which accepted the booze level, and additionally showed that Paul had been demography anti-depressants”.

The admiral additionally acclaimed the achievability of acknowledged activity arising in the case of Trevor Rees-Jones, a British babysitter active by the al-Fayeds.

He was the alone survivor of the car blast and was visited in hospital by his mother and stepfather.

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The Admiral agenda reports: “the Rees-Joneses are actuality able-bodied looked afterwards by the al-Fayeds, but are acquainted of the accessible approaching complexities of their accord with the al-Fayed Group. We accept brash them to accede appointing a French advocate on their son’s behalf, and accept brash them on their accord with the press.”

The agenda additionally mentions that the princess’s mother Frances Shand Kydd and her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale had, as executors of her will, accustomed themselves as civilian parties to the administrative analysis into the car accident, as had Mohammed al-Fayed and the parents of Henri Paul, the driver.

Being a civilian activity in French law entitles bodies who accept been anon afflicted to an adventure to be kept abreast of the advance in an investigation, to claiming a accommodation by prosecutors not to columnist charges, and accept the appropriate to appeal the re-opening of a case if new affirmation
comes to light.

Later, in November 1997, a certificate in the files was beatific from a staffer in Prince Charles’s arrangement at St James’s Palace to Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s arch of staff, ambience out a band to booty with the media about belief that an appliance to alter the acceding of Charles and Diana’s abounding and final annulment adjustment would be sought, appliance a acknowledged action declared a Barder application.

This was triggered by the arrangement of attorneys to act for the interests of the two aristocratic princes, William and Harry, afterward the afterlife of their mother.

The band was: “Lawyers acting for all the assorted parties apropos the acreage of the backward Diana, Angel of Wales, are activity consistently to ensure that all affairs are dealt with, through accord by all the parties, in a way which – as the Angel herself would assuredly accept admired – is acutely in the best interests of Prince William and Prince Harry”.

It went on to say that if asked about tax implications, the band was: “In absolute any of the circuitous taxation issues which may arise, these will be dealt with in a aboveboard address as referred to in the tax arrange entered into by the Aristocratic Ancestors in 1993”.

The agenda durably says a Barder appliance will not be sought.

If asked was it explored, the advice was to say: “The attorneys accept artlessly been attractive at the banking arrange which could be in the best interests of the two adolescent Princes to maximise the assets of the estate”.

The agenda confirms that a abstracted abutting of attorneys had been active to accommodate “independent advice” to Prince William and Prince Harry.

This had been done “at the appeal of attorneys acting for HRH the Prince of Wales” and by acceding with attorneys acting for Diana’s estate.

It had been prompted, according to the note, by a analysis of the assorted attorneys of their responsibilities “with accurate absorption to absorption the interests” of the two princes, again age-old 15 and 12.

The above Prime Basilica John Major had agreed to baby-sit the arrange “with the abounding approval of the Queen and the Prime Abbot [Tony Blair], to abetment in because all the accordant acknowledged issues apropos to the adolescent princes”.

Correspondence to Tony Blair

The book includes a letter from Mohammed al-Fayed to again Prime Abbot Tony Blair the day afore the funeral, in which he writes: “I shall never be able to accommodate myself to the abstract of two bodies so vibrant, so acceptable and so irreplaceable”.

There is additionally a letter from Diana’s brother Charles Spencer to Mr Blair, thanking him for affectionate what he declared the absolute force Diana was in bodies lives “when others scoffed at her”.

International reaction

A announcement amid chief civilian agents annal all-embracing acknowledgment to the afterlife and burial of Diana.

Dated 12 September, it is beatific from the British Foreign Arrangement to 10 Downing Artery – and provides an acumen into the cerebration of the British Abettor to Dublin at the time.

The announcement describes the all-embracing acknowledgment as “spontaneous, cutting and unprecedented”.

“The aerial absorption in which the angel was captivated was axiomatic from the absolute media advantage and from the numbers signing books of condolences, accessory canonizing services, abrogation flowers at British missions and accidental to the canonizing fund,” it continues.

In its overview of Western Europe, the United States and the Commonwealth, it paid accurate absorption to Ireland, “where 25,000 accept active the book at the Embassy, weeklong aching was brought to a abutting with an all-comprehensive annual at St Patrick’s Cathedral abounding by Admiral Robinson and the Taoiseach”.

The Abettor commented: “Perhaps for the aboriginal time back partition, ardent affliction at the afterlife of the Angel has accustomed abounding Irish bodies to aperture animosity – such as a adulation of Britain and the Aristocratic Ancestors – that in the accustomed advance of contest would be active abysmal from the boring of their adolescent citizens.”

The advertisement from Dublin was significant, as accelerated talks on the accord action were underway, and demography up a lot of time of the top civilian agents in Downing Street.

The added allotment of the apple that was application the thoughts of Downing Artery admiral was the average east, and in accurate Libya and Iran.

It arise that in Iran, antecedent “callous remarks” were replaced by “factual reports, and s abiding beck of visitors active the book of condolences”.

It acclaimed that in Egypt, Jordan and Libya “some sections of the columnist bogus cabal theories to annual for the adverse accident”.

On the cabal theories, it continued: “These, predictably, begin their best abhorrent announcement in Quadafi’s allegation that British and French intelligence agencies had engineered an assassination. We accept protested but Libyan sources were still arena on this activity afterwards the funeral.”

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The announcement concludes “it would be difficult to amplify the admeasurement and abyss of activity evoked about the apple by the afterlife of the Princess”.

MI6, Mr Apostle and the Milosevic ‘assassination plot’

Coming up to the aboriginal ceremony of Diana’s afterlife in 1998, the British Admiral in Paris got chat that above MI6 administrator Richard Tomlinson was activity to adduce similarities amid the afterlife of the angel and a claimed artifice by British Intelligence to assassinate Serbian Admiral Slobodan Milosevic in a car accident.

Declassified chiffonier affidavit appearance how the adventure was flashed to the Foreign Arrangement and Buckingham Palace by adept telegram, apparent confidential, from the British Admiral in Paris on 28 August 1998.

In the cable, British Abettor Peter Jay arise a buzz alarm from Philippe Massoni, the Paris Prefet De Police, who had declared him aloof afterwards midday to active him that Mr Tomlinson had contacted the investigating court on the Diana analysis and requested to be formally interviewed as allotment of the case.

The account was due to booty abode that afternoon, and Mr Tomlinson was to accomplish two arch allegations; that the British Secret Intelligence Annual had been “preparing to organise a car accident, agnate to that which had resulted in afterlife of Diana, aimed at killing Milosevic”, and that Henri Paul, the Ritz Hotel disciplinarian of the car in which Diana died, and one of the columnist photographers who had pursued them, were MI6 agents.

According to the Ambassadors buzzer – now declassified from Downing Artery affidavit – the French absolved the allegations.

The abettor wrote: “Massoni said that Stephan (the Magistrate) would of advance accumulate the capacity of the account confidential. He said that we and he knew that such allegations were authentic applesauce and that Tomlinson was mad, but he feared that Tomlinson was acceptable to allege to the columnist beeline afterwards.

“Massoni added that Tomlinson had a poor acceptability and the activity was acceptable to abstract over quickly”.

“As we accept told the Buckingham Palace and Downing Artery columnist offices, and the SIS (MI6) by telephone, we advance that the line, if asked, should be article like: ‘We are now entering the branch of authentic fantasy’. Grateful for acceptance that this is satisfactory”.

Slobodan Milosevic was at that time the Admiral of Yugoslavia and had been a key amount in the wars in Croatia and Bosnia.

In 1998 he was advancing beneath acute burden from the West in ge
neral, and the Blair government in particular, over the repression of the indigenous Albanian majority in the again Yugoslav accompaniment of Kosovo.

He would after arise afore Hague war crimes tribunal, area he died in custody.

In the Downing Artery book on this incident, there is a address of the AFP annual bureau advertisement of the account with Mr Tomlinson and Court Herve Stephan.

It cited a “source abutting to the inquiry” advertence that Mr Tomlinson declared that Henri Paul was an MI6 agent, and that one of the princess’ bodyguards was additionally a “contact” abettor of MI6.

The AFP address said: “According to the aforementioned source, he did not specify in his letter whether it was Trevor Rees-Jones, the alone survivor of the accident, or Alexander Wingfield, both active by the Ritz Hotel, endemic by Egyptian billionaire Mohammed al-Fayed, at the time of the accident.”

The UK Columnist Association newswire on the aforementioned day arise Mr Tomlinson had slipped out a ancillary access to abstain cat-and-mouse journalists at the Palais de Justice.

The address acclaimed that Mr Tomlinson had spent six months in bastille for aggravating to advertise his memoirs in aperture of the Official Secrets Act, and that he was “an abrupt critic” of MI6, for which he had formed for four years.

He had been arrested in Paris, beforehand in August of 1998, at the appeal of the British, but was appear after charge.

Mr Tomlinson’s allegations were taken up by a Labour backbench MP Lindsay Hoyle, now the apostle of the House of Commons.

He had become arresting in the accessible apperception aural weeks of the princess’s afterlife by calling for the renaming of Heathrow Airport as the “Diana Angel of Wales All-embracing Airport”.

He wrote to his activity baton and Prime Minister, Tony Blair, adage he had approved to table a cardinal of aldermanic questions on the “mystery surrounding the afterlife of Angel Diana”, but they were banned by aldermanic authorities on the area that they accompanying to “national aegis issues to which I am not advantaged to an answer”.

He declared for the Prime Abbot to accomplish a annual to “clear up some of the clandestineness and controversies surrounding her death”.

This set off an acute centralized altercation in the British government on how to handle the allegations after abacus added ammunition to the fire.

In a handwritten agenda in the declassified files, a Downing artery staffer wrote “Lindsay Hoyle is publicity mad – Bruce G’s able appearance was not to accord him this in writing”.

The agenda additionally asked if Alastair Campbell, Mr Blair’s antagonistic Downing Artery arch of columnist had a appearance on how to accord with the matter.

It said: “If we are to get this out in this way, we absolutely charge to do so in [a] time and address we control.”

Another duke accounting agenda – this time to Tony Blair himself – argued the contrary.

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It said the Foreign Arrangement anticipation there were “disadvantages” to putting annihilation in autograph to Lindsay Hoyle, suggesting a buzz alarm instead.

The columnist continues – this strikes me as absurd – abundant bigger to put this in autograph acutely and definitively.

A absolute letter was drafted advertence Downing Street’s appearance that Mr Tomlinson’s claims were wrong.

“Any advancement that any British official organisation or administration had annihilation to do with this adverse accident is both antic and acutely cutting for the beggared families,” it said.

In the letter, the Prime Basilica said it would be inappropriate to accomplish any array of annual that ability ageism the advancing analysis by the French authorities, which had been “thorough and painstaking”.

The letter on book was active by Tony Blair, but it was never beatific – advertence how advancing the administration of Hoyle’s questions had been.

Memorial funds: An Irish Connection

There are huge numbers of abstracts on assorted affairs for memorials and agency to admire Diana, including one addressed to a Treasury official declared Gabs Maklouf – now the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Back again he was Arch Private Secretary to Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Candle in the Wind

Princess Diana died in the aboriginal hours of Sunday, 31 August 1997.

Her burial – one of the better anytime witnessed in Britain – took abode on Saturday, 6 September.

Amidst the shock and grief, a all-embracing burial for a arresting aristocratic had to be organised by abbey and accompaniment officials.

Buckingham Palace, Downing Artery and the Spencer ancestors were all involved, as were abounding added bodies and organisations from cartage badge to video awning rental companies.

The planning followed the arrangement of added aristocratic funerals, with a acceptable another of music and prayers, a account by prime basilica Tony Blair, and a acclaim by Diana’s brother Charles Spencer.

In amid them was to be a allotment of music – abreast to reflect the princess’s interests.

Her acquaintance Elton John was chosen, and the song he performed – Goodbye England’s Rose/Candle in the Wind ’97, a re-write of the beforehand hit aperture with “Goodbye Norma Jean” (about extra Marilyn Monroe) – went on to be one of the better affairs singles of all time in the UK and USA, affairs added than 33 actor copies.

It wasn’t in the aboriginal adjustment of service, area addition aboriginal Elton John hit Your Song appeared in the aboriginal abstract adjustment of annual broadcast for altercation to key parties on 2 September.

But 24 hours later, the newly-written ode to “England’s Rose” was in the abutting abstract of the adjustment of service.

Except it was not audible that Elton John would accomplish it – or absolutely accomplish at all.

There was a best to accomplish about the abreast aspect of the service: an accustomed assuming artisan at the top of their bold and claimed acquaintance of Diana – or a complete unknown; a teenager, bearding in the correspondence, from a alms the angel was associated with who was to comedy an improvised saxophone solo.

In a fax from the Dean of Westminster Abbey, the actual Reverend Dr Wesley Carr, to Lt Colonel Malcolm Ross of Buckingham Palace, and broadcast to Downing Street, the Dean wrote: “This is a acute point in the service, and we would appetite boldness.

“It is area the abrupt happens and article of the avant-garde apple that the Angel represented. I would respectfully advance that annihilation classical or choral (even a accepted archetypal such as article by Lloyd-Webber) is inappropriate. Bigger would be the amid song (Lyrics of “Your song” were at the end of the fax) by Elton John (known to millions and his music was enjoyed by the Princess), which would be powerful”.

Then the Dean mentioned the new song that had already hit the airwaves.

“He has accounting new words to a tune which is actuality broadly played and articulate throughout the nation in memoriam of Diana. It is on all the time on the radio. Its use actuality would be artistic and acceptable to the millions who are activity alone bereaved. It is accepted ability at its best.

“If it were anticipation the words were too affected (although that is by no agency a bad affair accustomed the civic mood), they charge not be printed – alone sung. I would be able to altercate the acceptation of this advancement over the buzz with anyone.

“The another of a saxophone abandoned by a adolescent artist which would be agitating in the Abbey is a actual additional best shot. We accept both available”.

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Ultimately, and swiftly, the Dean’s advancement of Elton John arena England’s Rose was called with enthusiasm, and the able abreast aftereffect he approved was accomplished – and again some.

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Sample Fire Investigation Report Template

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