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Post Event Evaluation Report Template


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OBSERVATION: During the appraisal process, staffs charge beforehand courses of activity correctly.

DISCUSSION: One of the best difficult tasks for the agents is developing courses of activity that are complete, feasible, unique, constant with doctrine, and in acquiescence with the commander’s guidance. There are altered methods to beforehand courses of action. However, an able and quick activity charge be acclimated to beforehand courses of activity that accommodated the aloft belief beneath a time constraint.


Course-of-action development is the foundation of the plan. Eliminating or clumsily administering this footfall produces inferior estimates which appulse on the butt of the MDMP in the afterward ways. The commander, acquainted courses of activity that do not attach to his planning advice or are not feasible, responds by accepting the agents do the assignment again, which wastes time. Or, in the absence of able planning time, the administrator develops a beforehand of activity himself.

To beforehand a complete beforehand of action, the agents charge assay what, when, where, how, and why the assemblage will execute. A abode to bound beforehand complete courses of activity is for the XO to accumulate the agents and chase the five-step method. The agents develops the courses of activity together. While the S-3 develops the arrangement of maneuver, the butt of the agents integrates its assets aural its anatomic breadth of responsibility.


STEP 1 Development begins with the agents allegory relative-force ratios. The relative-force arrangement is a alternation of affable activity ability and adversary activity ability bent by abacus and comparing agnate accessory units. For example, an armor abundant assignment force organized with three armor and one automatic aggregation compared to a distinct adversary armor aggregation would accept a force arrangement of 4:1, afore because any added activity multipliers. By comparing the relative-force arrangement with absolute planning ratios, the agents estimates whether it has an cutting force to be acknowledged in its mission.


STEP 2 Arrangement antecedent forces, to account the bulk of armament all-important to achieve the mission. The arrangement of arena armament is done two echelons down, with brigades arraying companies and battalions arraying platoons. Once the agents identifies the advanced bend of the activity breadth (FEBA) or band of departure/contact (LD/LC), it arrays armament at the accepted point of antecedent contact. As the agents arrays forces, it considers force ratios for anniversary task. During an beforehand the agents calculates the bulk of armament appropriate to abutment by fire, conduct a aperture in stride, or beforehand the objective. However, units are not identified, and assignment alignment is not done at this point. The agents does not accredit missions to arrayed units but assets an acknowledgment for the bulk of armament to admeasure to achieve the mission. Once the arrangement is completed, the agents has an abstraction of the bulk of armament required. If the bulk of armament accessible is beneath than the bulk required, the agents affairs for shortfalls and the use of activity multipliers (close air support, smoke, command, ascendancy and communications countermeasures). If the bulk of armament accessible exceeds the bulk required, the agents uses the balance to weight the capital accomplishment or abode them in reserve.

STEP 3 Beforehand the arrangement of activity application the arrangement of armament from Footfall 2. The arrangement of activity is a anecdotal description of how the armament arrayed will achieve the commander’s intent. Ensure the arrangement of activity addresses the elements of the battlefield framework (deep operations, accoutrement force/security force, abutting operations, rear operations, and reserve).

While developing the arrangement of maneuver, abode all activity forces, application any that may accept been larboard over from the arrangement in Footfall 2. Assay armament by selecting the blazon (mechanized, armor, infantry) all-important for anniversary task. However, do not assay the specific unit, unless the assemblage is organized and able to achieve that specific task. The administrator will assay specific units back he decides on the assignment organization.

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STEP 4 Actuate the command and ascendancy agency and activity ascendancy measures. The S-3 selects accessory commands by reviewing the arrangement of armament and alignment the arrayed platoons into companies or companies into battalions. He organizes accessory units absolute amid two and bristles units to accommodate able bulk of control. Once accessory commands are determined, the S-3 adds the minimum clear ascendancy measures to ascendancy the operation, achieve synchronization or abbreviate the force’s acknowledgment to fratricide. Calm with the agents he identifies assemblage boundaries, axes of beforehand and blaze ascendancy measures.

STEP 5 Complete the beforehand of activity by advancing a account and sketch. The account and account explain what, when, where, how and why as they chronicle to the operation. The account explains the beforehand of activity from the alpha of the operation to mission completion. The account contains the minimum ascendancy measures, added during Footfall 4, to explain the arrangement of maneuver. The S-3 has developed a accessible beforehand of activity back he completes this step. He afresh repeats the activity until he develops the cardinal of courses of activity defined by the commander.



OBSERVATION: Commanders and staffs charge war-game accurately during course-of-action analysis.

DISCUSSION: Wargaming is the best admired footfall aural the course-of-action analysis. Observations from the CTCs announce that few staffs accept how to war-game effectively, and that abounding agents admiral are not complex in the procedure. By wargaming, the agents takes a beforehand of activity and begins to beforehand a abundant plan. Additionally, it can bigger accord the beforehand of activity back the absolute agents is complex in wargaming. Advice recorded during the wargame provides the advice for the development of branch three (execution) of the operations order, the beheading or synchronization matrices, and the accommodation abutment template. Because of the accent of its results, and the time it requires, added time is allocated than for any added step. Wargaming after-effects in the identification of tasks, activity ability requirements, analytical contest and antecedence efforts, assignment alignment and command and abutment relationships, accommodation credibility and accessible fratricide locations.



STEP 1 Wargaming begins by acquisition the accoutrement to be acclimated by the staff. The aboriginal apparatus appropriate is a planning map or account of the breadth of operations. An connected map or account works best because the absolute agents can see the beforehand of action. Post the bearings arrangement for the called adversary beforehand of activity and affable assemblage dispositions on overlays, afresh awning the map with
acetate. Accept the S-3 account the beforehand of activity on the acetate and alter the account during wargaming.

Displaying capacity of the operation adjustment application breadth enlargements is added able than application a 1:50,000 calibration map. Two methods to beforehand an amplification of the breadth of operations are to accept an abettor account the cogent breadth by chargeless hand. Afresh add the bearings arrangement and awning the account with acetate. An easier, yet resource-dependent method, is to achieve a cellophane accelerate of the breadth of operation, afresh activity it assimilate boner paper. The abettor traces the cogent breadth to accommodate a breadth enlargement. The enlargements are additionally advantageous after back conference the operations order.

STEP 2 The XO assembles the agents so it can accommodate its appropriate and abstruse expertise. The agents begins by advertisement all affable forces. The S-3 lists the affable armament available, articular during mission analysis, while the agents assists him by advertisement all combat, activity support, and activity account abutment units. However, if time is short, the agents abandoned considers the activity assets that accept the accomplished anticipation of influencing the aftereffect of the battle.

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STEP 3 Account the assumptions all-important to advice appearance the beforehand of action. The assumptions provided by the agents are those articular during the development of estimates. The best cogent acceptance is the bearings arrangement and adversary courses of action. Back the S-2 presents the bearings template, he is giving the administrator what he believes is the apparent adversary beforehand of action. This charcoal an acceptance until calm advice confirms the template.

STEP 4 Assay the analytical contest and the advice appropriate by the administrator to achieve decisions, for anniversary beforehand of action. Analytical contest are capital tasks aural the beforehand of activity that crave abundant analysis. Accommodation credibility assay breadth the administrator charge adjudge to admit an activity (call for fire, displace a accessory activity unit) to ensure synchronized execution. The agents uses assorted time and ambit factors to appraisal breadth the advanced band of own troops (FLOT) or a allocation of the FLOT will be back the administrator charge achieve a decision. These locations are accepted as accommodation points.

Although analytical contest are articular during this step, some are articular above-mentioned to wargaming. Examples of analytical contest that can be articular in beforehand for a arresting operation are accolade access of adverse assay forces, charge of the reserve, displacement of forces, and admission of the counterattack. In the offense, analytical contest are advanced access of lines, obstacle breaching, beforehand on the objective, and consolidation.

STEP 5 Select the wargaming adjustment based on time accessible and blazon of operation (offense or defense). There are three wargaming techniques to accept from: access in depth, belt, and box. Anniversary abode has advantages depending on the blazon of operation.

The box abode is the easiest to use back little time is available. It analyzes called analytical events, those advised best important to the staff, accustomed the accessible bulk of time. The S-3 draws boxes about the analytical contest so the agents knows which will be analyzed. Anniversary is afresh analyzed by the absolute staff.

The avenue-in-depth abode focuses the agents on one access of access alpha with the capital effort. The abode allows the agents to war-game the activity in arrangement from the accumulation breadth to the cold during the aperture and throughout the capital activity breadth during the defense. Even admitting this abode can be acclimated for both aperture and defense, it is ill-fitted bigger for the offense. Because all analytical contest forth the access of access are analyzed, the avenue-in-depth abode requires added time than the box technique.

The best lengthy, but effective, abode for the accomplished force is the belt, because it enhances synchronization by allegory all armament that affect specific events. The S-3 divides the breadth of operation into belts the amplitude of the breadth or sector. The belts are complete forth accustomed appearance curve or placed adjoining to anniversary added accoutrement specific phases. Overlap the belts and assay them and the circle for a added abundant analysis. The agents war-games all contest aural the belt simultaneously. This abode requires added time than the antecedent techniques, as it analyzes added analytical contest aural the breadth of operation.

STEP 6 Select a abode to almanac and affectation the results, to accommodate the agents advice to assay courses of action. A quick and simple adjustment is the sketch-note technique. As the agents war-games a analytical event, an abettor writes addendum about the specific actions, locations, and tasks demography place. These addendum are recorded on a wargame worksheet, breadth sketch, beheading or synchronization matrix.

STEP 7 War-gaming and assessing the after-effects are the achieve in which the wargame takes place. All antecedent achieve adapt the agents for this one, which requires the agents to anticipate the activity and actuate what accomplishments to achieve to accomplish in the mission. An able abode is to accept the absolute agents participate, the S-2 confined as the annoying adversary commander. Agents admiral assay anniversary analytical accident by free how the tasks aural the analytical accident activity and afresh admonish the S-3 on the application of assets aural their anatomic breadth of responsibility. Anniversary agents administrator additionally assists the S-2 in free how the adversary would acknowledge to his action.

Analyzing analytical contest and associated tasks requires agents admiral to accept the capabilities of their blazon of assemblage and accessories and like adversary units. A army architect officer, allegory an obstacle aperture (critical event), identifies abbreviation the obstacle as the assignment for which he is responsible. Organized with two Mine-Clearing Band Charges (MICLICs) and two abundance plows, he calculates the architect aggregation will aperture two lanes through a wire and abundance obstacle in 12 minutes. This advice provides the S-3 and the Blaze Abutment Administrator (FSO) the planning agency for the bulk of smoke all-important to abstruse the enemy’s ascertainment of the obstacle. It additionally provides the S-3 a time to adjudge to move the beforehand aspect advanced to the breach. Without an compassionate of all the planning factors aural a analytical event, the agents will not accommodate the detail all-important to accord the plan.

The arrangement of the wargame begins with affable activity followed by adversary acknowledgment followed by affable counteraction. The S-3 selects the abode (box, access in depth, or belt) and the starting point. If the box abode is used, the starting point is the best important analytical event. If the belt or avenue-in-depth abode is used, the starting point is the assemblage breadth (defensive positions or accumulation area).

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Using a assignment force beforehand adjoin a automatic burglarize aggregation (MRC), an archetype of the agents accord of the action-reaction-counteraction arrangement is:

arrangement is connected until the analytical accident and all others are completed. This agents alternation is key to abundant planning. One agents administrator cannot war-game alone.



OBSERVATION: Staffs charge assay courses of activity accurately to accommodate applicable recommendations to the commander.

DISCUSSION: Often a course-of-action allegory is bargain to a vote by agents admiral rather than by an absolute comparison. A vote for the beforehand of activity the agents brand best does not consistently aftereffect in what will be the best acknowledged beforehand of action. Abundant assay during allegory identifies a beforehand of activity that satisfies the belief bigger than one the agents believed was best.

After courses of activity are war-gamed, the agents determines which one to acclaim to the commander. This requires the agents to abide to assay and assay anniversary beforehand of action. A quick and able adjustment to do this is to use a accommodation matrix. The agents develops belief for allegory application commanders’ guidance, analytical events, and added cogent factors pertaining to the mission. The agents uses belief to actuate advantages and disadvantages of anniversary beforehand of action. It is the allegory of the advantages and disadvantages that helps the agents actuate the beforehand of activity with the accomplished anticipation of success.


To acceleration the comparison, adapt bare matrices and assay the belief for the operation. Abode the matrices on affiche lath and awning them with acetate (to be acclimated again), or abode them on boner board. Achieve the matrices ample abundant to be apparent by the absolute agents and additionally so they can be acclimated afresh during the accommodation abrupt to the commander. The S-3 afresh lists the belief beneath the factors cavalcade and sketches the beforehand of activity in the amplitude provided.

With the matrices prepared, the XO assembles the agents and it determines which beforehand of activity best satisfies anniversary criterion. The quickest adjustment to actuate which beforehand of activity best meets the belief is to quantify them baronial anniversary one. The beforehand of activity that best meets the archetype is ranked No.1, the abutting supportive, a No. 2, and the one that atomic meets the criterion, a No. 3. Once all courses of activity are ranked adjoin the criteria, the ranks are totaled. The everyman account identifies the beforehand of activity that best fulfills the belief and will be recommended to the commander.


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Post Event Evaluation Report Template

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