June 7, 2023

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The admirable afterpiece of our alternation committed to demystifying Latin American cyberbanking trojans

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ESET started this blogpost alternation committed to demystifying Latin American cyberbanking trojans in August 2019. Back then, we accept covered the best alive ones, namely Amavaldo, Casbaneiro, Mispadu, Guildma, Grandoreiro, Mekotio, Vadokrist, Ousaban and Numando. Latin American cyberbanking trojans allotment a lot of accepted characteristics and behavior – a affair ESET has committed a white cardboard to. Therefore, in the series, we accept focused on the altered appearance of anniversary malware ancestors to advice analyze one from the other.

Besides Amavaldo, which became abeyant about November 2020, all the added families abide alive to this day. Brazil is still the best targeted country, followed by Spain and Mexico (see Figure 1). Back 2020, Grandoreiro and Mekotio broadcast to Europe – mainly Spain. What started as several accessory campaigns, acceptable to analysis the new territory, acquired into article abundant grander. In fact, in August and September 2021, Grandoreiro launched its better advance so far and it targeted Spain (see Figure 2).

Figure 1. Top three countries best afflicted by Latin American cyberbanking trojans

Figure 2. LATAM cyberbanking trojan action in Spain

While Grandoreiro charcoal ascendant in Spain, Ousaban and Casbaneiro bedeviled Brazil in the latest months, as illustrated by Figure 3. Mispadu seems to accept confused its focus about alone to Mexico, occasionally accompanied by Casbaneiro and Grandoreiro, as apparent in Figure 4.

Figure 3. LATAM cyberbanking trojan action in Brazil

Figure 4. LATAM cyberbanking trojan action in Mexico

Latin American cyberbanking trojans acclimated to change rapidly. In the aboriginal canicule of our tracking, some of them were abacus to or modifying their amount appearance several times a month. Nowadays they still change absolute often, but the amount seems to abide mostly untouched. Due to the partially counterbalanced development, we accept the operators are now absorption on convalescent distribution.

The campaigns we see consistently appear in after-effects and added than 90% of them are broadcast through spam. One advance usually lasts for a anniversary at most. In Q3 and Q4 2021, we accept apparent Grandoreiro, Ousaban and Casbaneiro accretion their ability awfully compared to their antecedent activity, as illustrated in Figure 5.

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Figure 5. LATAM cyberbanking trojan action worldwide

Latin American cyberbanking trojans crave a lot of altitude to advance successfully:

That said, it is adamantine to appraisal the appulse of these cyberbanking trojans aloof based on telemetry. However, in June this year, we were able to get a account aback Spanish law administration arrested 16 bodies accompanying to Mekotio and Grandoreiro.

In the report, badge accompaniment that about €300,000 were baseborn and they were able to block the alteration of a absolute of €3.5 million. Correlating this arrest with Figure 2, we see that Mekotio seems to accept taken a abundant beyond hit than Grandoreiro, arch us to accept that the arrested bodies were added affiliated to Mekotio. Alike admitting Mekotio went absolute quiet for about two months afterwards the arrest, ESET continues to see new campaigns distributing Mekotio at the time of writing.

For advertence purposes, aback in 2018, Brazilian badge armament arrested a bent abaft addition cyberbanking trojan in what was alleged Operation Ostentation. They estimated that he had been able to abduct about US$400 amateur from victims in Brazil.

During the advance of our series, several Latin American cyberbanking trojans became inactive. While we had planned to abode abstracted pieces to them, back they accept been abeyant for over a year now, we will aloof briefly acknowledgment them in the sections below. We additionally accommodate IoCs for them at the end of this blogpost.

This malware ancestors was alive in Brazil until the average of 2019. Its best apparent appropriate was its acceptance of acclaimed cryptographic methods to encrypt strings, as adjoin to the majority of Latin American cyberbanking trojans that mainly use custom encryption schemes, some of which are aggregate beyond these families. We accept empiric Krachulka variants application AES, RC2, RC4, 3DES and a hardly customized alternative of Salsa20.

Krachulka, admitting actuality accounting in Delphi like best added Latin American cyberbanking trojans, was broadcast by a downloader accounting in the Go programming accent – addition altered appropriate amid this affectionate of cyberbanking malware (see Figure 6).

Figure 6. Krachulka downloader accounting in Go

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This malware ancestors was alive mainly in Mexico until the alpha of 2020. We were able to analyze added builds, anniversary committed to ambition a altered country – Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

The best anecdotic affection of Lokorrito is its acceptance of a custom User-Agent cord in arrangement advice (see Figure 7). We accept empiric two ethics – LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE and 4RR0B4R 4 X0T4 D4 TU4 M4E, both absolutely barnyard expressions in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively.

Figure 7. Lokorrito User-Agent

We accept articular several added Lokorrito-related modules. First, a backdoor, which basically functions like a simplified adaptation of the cyberbanking trojan after the abutment for affected bury windows. We accept it was installed in some Lokorrito campaigns aboriginal and, alone if the antagonist saw fit, it was adapted to the absolute cyberbanking trojan. Then, a spam tool, which generates spam emails distributing Lokorrito and sending them to added abeyant victims. The apparatus generated the emails based on both hardcoded abstracts and abstracts acquired from a C&C server. Finally, we articular a simple infostealer advised to abduct the victim’s Outlook abode book and a countersign amateur advised to autumn Outlook and FileZilla credentials.

This malware ancestors was alive alone in Brazil until the average of 2020. It was the aboriginal Latin American cyberbanking trojan malware ancestors ESET identified. In fact, ESET analyzed one alternative in 2018 actuality (in Portuguese).

Zumanek is articular by its adjustment for obfuscating strings. It creates a action for anniversary appearance of the alphabet and again concatenates the aftereffect of calling the actual functions in sequence, as illustrated in Figure 8.

Figure 8. Zumanek cord obfuscation technique

Interestingly, Zumanek never activated any complicated burden beheading methods. Its downloaders artlessly downloaded a ZIP annal absolute alone the cyberbanking trojan executable, usually called drive2. The executable was absolute generally adequate by either the VMProtect or Armadillo packer.

We anticipate with low aplomb that Ousaban may absolutely be the almsman of Zumanek. Alike admitting the two malware families
don’t assume to allotment any cipher similarities, their alien agreement architecture uses absolute agnate delimiters (see Figure 9). Additionally, we accept empiric several servers acclimated by Ousaban that looked absolute abundant like those acclimated by Zumanek in the past.

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Figure 9. Similarities amid Zumanek and Ousaban alien agreement formats

Since Latin American cyberbanking trojans broadcast to Europe, they accept been accepting added absorption from both advisers and badge forces. In the latest months, we’ve apparent some of their better campaigns to date.

ESET advisers additionally apparent Janeleiro, a Latin American cyberbanking trojan accounting in .NET. Additionally, we may see some of these cyberbanking trojans accretion to the Android platform. In fact, one such cyberbanking trojan, Ghimob, has already been attributed to the blackmail amateur abaft Guildma. However, back we abide to see the developers actively convalescent their Delphi binaries, we accept they will not aloof carelessness their accepted arsenal.

Even admitting abounding Latin American cyberbanking trojans are somewhat bulky and overcomplicated in their implementation, they represent a altered access to advancing victims’ coffer accounts. Adjoin to the best belled cyberbanking trojans of the contempo past, they don’t inject the web browser, nor do they charge to acquisition means to webinject a assertive cyberbanking website. Instead, they architecture a pop-up window – acceptable a abundant faster and easier process. The blackmail actors already accept templates at their auctioning that they calmly adapt for altered cyberbanking institutions (see Figure 10). That is their capital advantage.

Figure 10. Affected bury window templates

The capital disadvantage is that there is absolute little to no automation in the advance action – after alive accord of the attacker, the cyberbanking trojan will do about no harm. Whether some new affectionate of malware will try to automate this access charcoal a catechism for the future.

In our series, we accept presented the best alive Latin American cyberbanking trojans of the accomplished few years. We accept articular a dozen altered malware families, best of which abide alive at the time of this writing. We accept articular their altered appearance as able-bodied as their abounding commonalities.

The best cogent analysis during the advance of our alternation is acceptable the amplification of Mekotio and Grandoreiro to Europe. Besides Spain, we’ve empiric casual baby campaigns targeting Italy, France and Belgium. We accept these cyberbanking trojans will abide to analysis new territories for approaching expansion.

Our telemetry shows a decidedly ample access in the ability of Ousaban, Grandoreiro and Casbaneiro in contempo months, arch us to achieve the blackmail actors abaft these malware families are bent to abide their abominable accomplishments adjoin users in targeted countries. ESET will abide to clue these cyberbanking trojans and accumulate users safe from these threats.

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For any inquiries, acquaintance us as [email protected]. Indicators of Compromise for all the mentioned malware families can additionally be begin on our GitHub repository.

We accept created a MITRE ATT&CK table assuming a allegory of the techniques acclimated by the Latin American cyberbanking trojans featured in this series. It was appear as allotment of our white cardboard committed to analytical the abounding similarities amid these cyberbanking trojans and can be begin here.

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