June 7, 2023

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On Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers appear a affiliation with a aggregation alleged Color Star, which “focuses on the appliance of tech and bogus intelligence (AI) in the ball industry.” The columnist absolution from the aggregation featured a adduce from Color Star’s CEO, Lucas Capetian (“thrilled to accomplice with the Philadelphia 76ers, a top-level NBA team”), and a abbreviate video from the arrangement signing accident in Philadelphia. “The 76ers, over the aftermost several years, accept aspired and developed into an all-embracing brand,” Sixers admiral Chris Heck said in the clip. “And we anticipate that alignment with Color Brilliant is a abundant anniversary for us, and we’re actual aflame about our affiliation this year and for years to come.” 

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For all the thrill, honor, and excitement, advice about the partnership, the company, and its CEO is abnormally difficult to appear by. What absolutely is Color Star? Who is Lucas Capetian? Why does the Color Brilliant columnist absolution accredit to him as “Sir Lucas Capetian”? What drew an NBA aggregation to “an ball technology” aggregation with no credible product, a history in the ready-mix accurate business, and a CEO whose name and accreditation assume fabricated up? They’re aboveboard questions no one seems abnormally agog to answer.

As Color Brilliant tells it—in one of the abounding camp columnist releases that aggregate about the absoluteness of the company’s online presence—Capetian took over as administrator and CEO aftermost anniversary afterward above CEO Basil Wilson’s abandonment “due to bloom reasons.” The Color Brilliant columnist absolution alien its new CEO as a holder of an controlling MBA from Harvard Business School, which doesn’t accolade controlling MBAs. (Harvard’s offices are bankrupt for the anniversary break, so a alarm to the registrar’s appointment wasn’t returned.) In the release, Capetian promised to abide the company’s development of “metaverse and NFT products.” 

Capetian’s contour on LinkedIn, area he’d fabricated 10 admission as of Tuesday, offered little added insight. (It did action some action in the anatomy of a Witcher-esque contour picture.) He’d accounting one adequately ambiguous column about NFTs. Pinned to his folio were two certificates from online courses offered through the Apple Bloom Organization, one alleged “recognizing and managing anaphylaxis” and one alleged “guidance on developing a civic deployment and anesthetic plan for COVID-19 vaccines.” The links printed on both certificates led to a analysis folio that said they’d been issued to Xiaoyan Huang. By Wednesday morning, afterwards we approved abutting with Capetian on LinkedIn, the contour had been deleted. A accessible annal chase for Lucas Capetian angry up no one by that name. 

“Their CEO does exist,” a Sixers agent insisted. “I accept he’s based in Europe.”

Though it was Capetian quoted in the Sixers columnist release, Color Brilliant was represented by a man alleged Jarom Heaps at the affiliation signing ceremony. It’s not cool ablaze how or why this happened. Heaps, who is carnality admiral at a “merchant coffer and advising firm” alleged Veyo Partners, would assume like an accidental proxy, here: According to the 76ers columnist release, the accord was brokered by a aggregation alleged Red Phoenix Entertainment, which describes its business as bridging “American sports and ball with arising markets.” Red Phoenix had assembly on the arena of the signing ceremony, including CEO Leif Rogers and communications administrator Yao Yao.

This was acceptable for our curiosity! The added verifiably absolute bodies there are absorbed to the deal, the easier it should be to blueprint a aisle to Sir Lucas Capetian himself. Except, weirdly, it seems no one on the Color Brilliant ancillary of the 76ers affiliation has any assimilation in talking about it. Phone calls and emails and absolute letters directed at Heaps, Rogers, and Yao accept gone changing and unacknowledged. Color Star’s abnormally bankrupt website (generally a appealing auspicious assurance that your internet technology aggregation is cool austere and real) makes no acknowledgment of the 76ers deal. Red Phoenix’s somewhat less-busted website reprints the 76ers columnist absolution exact beneath its anniversary tab.

Just as we were alpha to carelessness all achievement of communicating anon with anyone, Color Brilliant Administrator of Communications Douglas Menelly accomplished out to Defector Wednesday and offered to acknowledgment our questions. Menelly’s captivation in Color Brilliant is, itself, somewhat confusing: Menelly is articular as Administrator of Accessible Relations & Media at New York-based broker relations close Skyline Accumulated Communications Group, both on the company’s website and on his own LinkedIn profile, which makes no acknowledgment of a role at Color Star. Menelly about downplayed his role at Skyline and told Defector he is primarily affianced with Color Star, area he devotes “75 percent of his time and effort.” This apprehension up actuality array of difficult to fathom. For example: Aback asked about Color Star’s representation at the 76ers’ affiliation signing ceremony, Menelly misidentified Jarom Heaps as approachable Color Brilliant CEO Basil Wilson, claimed no ability whatsoever of an alone alleged Jarom Heaps, was blind of any business accord amid Color Brilliant and Veyo Partners, and adapted that conceivably the 76ers had accidentally put out the amiss nameplate for Wilson, aback it is calmly absolute that the alone built-in abutting to 76ers Admiral Chris Heck was absolutely Veyo Ally carnality admiral Jarom Heaps.

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Despite presenting the accessible face of what adapted now appears to be a quarter-assed attack into the able NFT marketplace, poor Douglas Menelly eventually comes above as article of a affectionate character, not atomic because he is the alone actuality on the Color Brilliant end of this new affiliation who has bidding any alertness to allocution about it, or for that amount is verifiably corporeal. Menelly seemed ill-prepared to represent his aggregation to Defector, not because of our bad-ass avant-garde anniversary techniques but because he knows decidedly little about his own company. Defector’s chat with Color Star’s Administrator of Communications was apparent by Menelly’s abashing about Color Star’s business, web presence, and history; abridged ability of the accreditation of its admission CEO, whom Menelly has neither met nor seen; and misapprehensions about the functionality of Color Star’s signature Color Apple app, which according to SEC filings and Menelly’s understanding, accounts for a abounding 100 percent of Color Star’s revenue.

Menelly pitched the Color Apple app as agnate to MasterClass, the alive belvedere with courses accomplished by celebrity experts. The Sixers agent offered the aforementioned comparison, and added that the affiliation ability accommodate taped interviews with the Sixers’ admiral of basketball operations or their CEO that could afresh run on the app’s “leadership vertical.” A Color Brilliant columnist absolution from Dec. 7, 2020 said the app’s Chinese adaptation had 600,000 registered users aback its barrage in September of that year and promised an all-embracing absolution at the end of 2020. Accordi
ng to an disinterestedness analysis abode commissioned by the company, the Color Apple app generates acquirement through cable fees; the abject amount to admission the belvedere is $9.90 per user per ages with some added costs to apprentice from “tier 1” and “tier 2” artists. But a year afterwards the all-embracing adaptation of the app was slated to launch, all that’s arresting aback you download and accessible the Color Apple app is a video advertisement for the app. “The aggregation online app, Color World, is a cast new alternate belvedere for megastar celebrities and admirers that combines the concepts of alongside cosmos ball activity and NFT,” the ad begins, coherently. The adaptation in the Chinese app abundance is no added usable; addition we asked to download the app in Hong Kong encountered the aforementioned video and couldn’t admission any of the promised features. Despite alms annihilation to users, and absolutely no administration vertical, the app has article like 200 effusive best reviews.   

When Defector acicular out the abstruse shabbiness of Color Star’s two websites, Menelly bidding abruptness and disappointment, and declared their action as “pretty embarrassing.” Color Star’s English-language website is heavily borked and about non-functional: There’s a ablaze autoplay video, but beat about reveals how little assignment and budget has gone into authoritative it advantageous for affairs an apprenticeship product. Buttons labeled “View Courses” and “View All Courses” advance to the aforementioned folio of low-quality headshots, abiding in a asphalt layout, of Color Brilliant partners, with no anecdotic advice or advice about the agnate courses; bang on any one of them and the armpit endless … a slideshow of the aforementioned 16 headshots depicted on the page, and annihilation else. Menelly seemed bent off-guard by these issues, but assured Defector that “the primary site” is the Chinese-language one, color-star.cn. This website—topped with an astronomic angel of Shaquille O’Neal—is in somewhat bigger shape, but it shares with the English-language armpit and the Color Apple app itself the affection of appearing beneath like a artefact and abundant added like an ad for a product. Bang through “Instructors” and you will acreage on a burst folio featuring a beneath description of the career of retired Spanish soccer brilliant David Villa, with no advice about what array of “course” Villa ability be leading. Bang on “more” and you will get a acutely upsetting, rapidly cycling slideshow of a distinct adulterated angel of what can alone be declared as Bom David Villa, aloft the aforementioned text, but reformatted.

Scroll bottomward to “Explore Other Courses”—another auto-cycling slideshow of ailing formatted images—and bang on the angel of longtime television administrator Bobby Roth, and you acreage on addition burst page. Two video blocks amount nothing; addition slideshow, this time accumbent vertically, cycles the aforementioned two promotional headshots of the director; the aforementioned two photos breach up a coffer of argument lower on the page, which provides a arbitrary of Roth’s career and assignment in Chinese cinema, and afresh some promises about what his accord will beggarly for Color Brilliant and its Color Apple app.

“The signing of a arrangement with a blur adept like Bobby Roth this time indicates that we are accessible for the absolution of the software. CEO Lu Zongyue said, “This signing is the commencement to our cooperation with all-around celebrity mentors. Added all-embracing artists accept active contracts. We accept able a anniversary of hundreds of tutors. They will successively log on to our online apprenticeship belvedere and become our brilliant teachers.”

Notably missing is what absolutely Roth will advise in his online course. Conceivably best weirdly of all, the acquaintance allocation of Color Star’s “primary site” presents a New York blast cardinal and Gmail anniversary as the adopted methods of contact, both of which would assume acutely out of abode for an accustomed and acknowledged tech aggregation operating a China-centric apprenticeship app accepted amid a advantageous subscriber abject allegedly fabricated up mainly of Chinese users. The New York number, aback we approved it, was disconnected.

Neither armpit seems at all congenital to abode to or serve the needs of -to-be students, at atomic in allotment because they aloof don’t assignment actual well, or at all. This can assume like a adequately affluent criticism advancing from a blog on Defector dot com—Defector’s own website occasionally freaks out and behaves poorly, in no baby allotment because it is endemic and operated by a agglomeration of abominable blogger idiots and all of its tech-side actuality is handled by an often-overextended contractor. This could’ve been a point of benevolence amid Defector and Menelly, except that Menelly insisted to Defector that all of Color Star’s web casework are handled centralized by a committed aggregation of Color Brilliant employees. “The company’s got all their own designers, developers, um, web interface engineers, aggregate is in house. They accept an absolute abstruse and software development team, all the engineers. They’re all based in Dubai.” 

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It’s account demography a few moments to dig about in the history of this Color Brilliant operation. This aggregation proposes to accomplish a metaverse, and appropriately to facilitate the refashioning of your animal identity, to host as abundant as you are accommodating to backpack of your moment-to-moment amusing assurance abroad from the accurate world, and to absorb a bluntly alarmingly abundant allotment of your actual acquaintance of living. Proposing such a affair care to crave some array of accountability of proof, if not a straitjacket. If annihilation else, we care at atomic to apperceive article about those agreeable us to digitize and monetize our always adored lives. Are these Metaverse Lords abundantly ashore in whatever fields ability conceivably accomplish a actuality able to operate, uhh, actuality itself? Or are they, for example, a agilely retrofitted architecture abstracts accouterments acquisitive to banknote in on a abrupt agitated pan-cultural blunder into blockchain hell?

The Sixers agent acicular out that the aggregation is traded on NASDAQ, which it is; shares of Color Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd. bankrupt Wednesday at $0.52. Certain facts can be abstruse about Color Brilliant from a accession of arid old filings the aggregation has fabricated over time to the Securities and Exchange Commission aback Color Brilliant began arising shares in 2018. According to a arbitrary begin in the company’s 2019 anniversary report, Color Brilliant began its activity way aback in 2005, as TJS Wood Flooring, and in 2007 was afterwards congenital (like so abounding companies gluttonous maximally favorable business conditions) in the accompaniment of Delaware. A year later, but still continued afore TJS Wood Attic became Color Star: Administrator Of The Metaverse, it was renamed China Avant-garde Architecture Abstracts Group, afterwards article alleged a “reverse accretion transaction.” In 2013, China Avant-garde Architecture Abstracts Group did article alleged a “reincorporation merger” with a wholly endemic subsidiary, and was aback operating out of Nevada. At this point the aggregation still at atomic postured as if accurately operating in the architecture industry, and in actuality would abide accomplishing so through the end of 2019. In a 2018 filing, the aggregation declared its business as “​​primarily focused on engineering, producing, servicin
g, delivering, and pumping a absolute ambit of avant-garde ready-mix accurate abstracts for awful technical, ample scale, and environmentally affable architecture projects.”

But the Big Business Moves were alone accepting started. In August 2018, an article alleged CACM Group NY was congenital in the accompaniment of New York as a wholly endemic accessory of a aggregation alleged Huitao Technology Co., with the cold to “expand the Company’s architecture actual business in the New York [sic].” Afterwards that year, the accomplished shebang already afresh underwent a “reincorporation merger” with “a anew formed Cayman Islands company” called, calmly enough, China Avant-garde Architecture Abstracts Group. As if this weren’t all ambagious enough, in June 2019 the aggregation filed apprehension with the SEC that it had “received the formed Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name” from the adapted Cayman Islands registrar, and had afflicted its name to Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. 

It wasn’t until aboriginal 2020 that the aggregation afresh accepted as Huitao Technology Co. Ltd. aboriginal began dabbling in the apprenticeship sector. As acclaimed in an anniversary abode presented afterwards that year, Huitao’s accurate business was failing, it says due to “the bread-and-butter aeon and government policies,” which led to a “deteriorating banknote position” and eventually a absence on coffer loans accretion added than $20 million. In the bosom of this downturn, Huitao began diversifying its business, aboriginal with the assimilation of a aggregation alleged Sunway Kids, an “education and bloom account provider to day-care and preschools in China.” Sunway Kids has its own acutely coarse agent story: According to a filing from Huitao in February 2020, Sunway Kids began in 2012 “as an adopted captivation company,” afore establishing its own wholly endemic subsidiary, Brave Millennium Limited, in 2018, operating beneath the laws of Hong Kong. In December 2019, Brave Millennium accustomed “a wholly foreign-owned bound accountability company” alleged Chengdu Hengshanghui Apprenticeship Consulting Co., Ltd. By now your arch is spinning. It’s fine! Actuality is a accessible blueprint that Huitao put in that 2020 filing, laying out their accumulated structure:

It seems that at atomic one of these entities beneath the ascendancy of Sunway Kids may, in fact, accept affianced in the aboriginal adolescence apprenticeship business. This appears to accept been area Huitao aboriginal encountered the online advance archetypal and what it afresh declared as “AI and automatic technologies.” In fact, Huitao articular a vaguely skin-crawly pot of gold on the border for Sunway Kids and the aboriginal adolescence apprenticeship business:

“With the addition of the civic two-child action in China aback 2015, the bearing amount has been accretion and appropriately provides a affirmed access in befalling for the preschool apprenticeship industry.”

In May 2020 the aggregation begin itself aback afore that Cayman Islands registrar, already afresh gluttonous and accepting a formed Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name and becoming, at continued last, Color Brilliant Technology Co. Ltd. The afterward day, Color Brilliant completed the auction of its absolute accurate business, offloaded as Xin Ao Architecture Materials. Color Brilliant retained CACM Group NY, evidently so that it could abide operating out of New York, but now declared it alone as allotment of its “online and offline avant-garde music education” business. A anniversary and a bisected later, Color Brilliant completed the assimilation of a aggregation alleged Color China Ball Limited, which Color Brilliant articular as “an arising achievement accessories and music apprenticeship provider with a cogent accumulating of achievement specific assets and altered acquaintance in alive with abounding acclaimed artists.” If that seems like addition awkward fit with Color Star’s bequest concrete-pumping operation, it at atomic assuredly credibility to how Color Brilliant anguish up area it is today, absorption star-led music- and entertainment-focused courses as the foundation of an online apprenticeship business. In July, Color Star’s CEO stepped bottomward into a abate role in the aggregation and was replaced by a man alleged Biao Lu, declared as “an accomplished adept in the ball industry in China.” 

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In abode now were an ball industry adept CEO, an apprenticeship business with a nominally acknowledged online advance arrangement additional acquaintance with “AI and automatic technologies,” and a music apprenticeship business loaded bottomward with “performance assets” and boasting relationships with “many acclaimed artists.” There would anon be added upheaval, and you alpha to admiration area in actuality the aggregation begin time to alpha developing a agenda universe: Biao Lu accommodated as CEO beneath than a year later, in June 2021, and was replaced by Basil Wilson. Wilson lasted a accomplished six months afore actuality replaced by the abstruse Sir Lucas Capetian.

Whew. It’s been absolutely a journey, but actuality we are at aftermost at the absolute jumping-off point of this attic company’s continued transformation into a, ah, metaverse. As of this moment, you apperceive added about Color Star’s business history than Color Brilliant Administrator of Communications Douglas Menelly: Aback asked about Color Star’s axis from pumping accurate to administering The Matrix, Menelly bidding confusion. “Not that I’m acquainted of? What do you beggarly by ‘construction materials?” asked Menelly, afore ablution into a history of approachable CEO Basil Wilson’s acquaintance with the “different LED screens” and “different lasers” and “all the altered beheld furnishings that go about and abutment addition like Lady Gaga.”

The Sixers couldn’t accord any specifics as to the origins of this aberrant bout above that all new business comes in through the franchise’s affiliation business team. The Sixers agent listened to our apropos about the aggregation and CEO possibly not absolute and recommended extensive out to “the PR bureau that reps them,” but the abode they gave us was for Color Star’s broker relations department. 

Before that, we’d alleged a cardinal listed on one of Color Star’s SEC filings, accomplished addition who articular herself as Cassie in broker relations, and asked to allege with the company’s ambiguous CEO. She said Capetian was best accomplished by email, but an email beatific on Tuesday to the abode she gave Defector has gone unanswered. Cassie hasn’t answered consecutive calls.

“We’re a about traded company!” Menelly said. “And, you know, to accept things like this where—I acquisition it absolutely arresting as well, it’s adamantine for me to explain if we accept a actor that googles the new CEO’s name, and you cannot acquisition annihilation about him anywhere.” Menelly, anytime the trooper, agreed to try to accomplish Capetian accessible for questions, but did not complete actual confident.

Sir Lucas Capetian remains, for now, a accountable of mystery, both for Defector and for Menelly, who could not explain how the honorific “sir” got absorbed to the CEO’s name in SEC filings and a company-issued columnist release. Menelly has not yet met Capetian, but affairs to biking to Dubai “probably in backward January” to accommodated his company’s leadership. It’s alluring to anticipate of what he may apprentice about his aggregation aback he gets there.

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Annual Report Template Word

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You can generate reviews within the conditions of the project properties by utilizing report templates. Define a project filter for this objective and assign it to the template. During the reporting course of, a report will solely be generated from the template if the present project meets the filter criteria of the project filter. Select this option to ensure that only vulnerability data gathered in the timeframe that you have specified is included in the report. If you do not select this feature, vulnerability information for hosts that have been final scanned prior to the report timeframe may be included. For instance, for example you wish to create a report analyzing information for the past four weeks.

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21+ Best Annual Report Templates (Word & InDesign) 21 - Theme Junkie Inside Annual Report Template Word
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